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Ganapath (2023) Bollywood Hindi Movie filmywap,filmyzilla,dotmovies,
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In 2070, a war-torn world is split by a wall: the opulent Silver City for the elite and the squalid Wastelands for the rest. Guddu, a pawn in Silver City's gladiatorial games, witnesses injustice and awakens as the vigilante Ganapath. He sparks a revolution, tearing down the wall and fighting for a new society built on equality. Released October 20, 2023, Ganapath explores themes of oppression, hope, and the fight for a better future in a dystopian world.

Ganapath (2023) Movie (2023)
Ganapath (2023) Movie (2023) Movie, Bollywood

Ganapath (2023) Movie (2023) Movie, Bollywood Movie 2023, Filmywap, Filmyzilla, mp4moviez

Star Cast of

Actor Character
Tiger Shroff Ganapath "Guddu" & Dalini (dual role)
Amitabh Bachchan Maharishi Dalapathi (Ganapath's grandfather)
Kriti Sanon Jassi
Elli AvrRam Dimple (John's girlfriend)
Rahman Shiva (Ganapath's father)
Gauahar Khan Meera (Ganapath's mother)
Jameel Khan Kaizad
Girish Kulkarni Senior
Shruthy Menon Shaina
Ziad Bakri John English (Dimple's boyfriend)

Budget and Collection


  1. Ganapath's budget was initially reported to be around ₹200 crore, making it a high-budget action film.
  2. However, there are conflicting reports with some suggesting the actual budget might be closer to ₹70-80 crore due to rebates received for filming in the UK.


  1. Ganapath's box office performance was underwhelming, failing to meet expectations.
  2. The film earned approximately ₹35.13 crore domestically and ₹16.95 crore worldwide, falling short of its estimated budget.

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Tiger Shroff shines in action-packed dystopian tale, but weak plot & predictable twists drag down "Mad Max"-inspired Ganapath.

Overall rating: 5.8/10 stars


Screenshots will be uploaded soon.

Ganapath (2023) Movie (2023) Movie
Ganapath (2023) Movie (2023) Movie, Bollywood


Set in a dystopian future India divided by a wall, Ganapath follows the journey of Guddu, a pawn in the gladiatorial games of the opulent Silver City. Witnessing injustice, he transforms into the vigilante Ganapath, fighting for a new society founded on equality.

  1. 2070 India: A dystopian future where society is divided by a wall: the luxurious Silver City for the elite and the poverty-stricken Wastelands for the rest.
  2. Guddu: A young man trapped in the slums of the Wastelands, forced to fight in gladiatorial games for the entertainment of the Silver City elite.
  3. Awakening: Witnessing the brutal murder of his brother by a Silver City official, Guddu awakens as Ganapath, a symbol of hope and rebellion.
  4. Revolution: Ganapath inspires the oppressed Wastelanders to rise up against their oppressors, tearing down the wall and challenging the established order.
  5. New society: Ganapath's fight leads to the creation of a new society based on equality and justice, offering hope for a better future.

Ganapath (2023) Movie Trailer

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