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Trapped by flood in a dark mine, 65 miners face dwindling hope. Enter hero Jaswant Gill, an engineer leading a daring rescue against time and tide. With ingenuity and grit, they defy death, bringing a nation to cheer as lives are brought back to light. This true story of courage and human triumph will fill you with awe.
Mission Raniganj (2023)
Mission Raniganj (2023) Movie, Bollywood

Mission Raniganj (2023) Movie, Bollywood Movie 2023, Telegram movie link,vegamovies,filmywap

Star Cast of

Name Character
Akshay Kumar Jaswant Singh Gill (Mining Engineer)
Parineeti Chopra Nirdosh Gill (Jaswant's Wife)
Rajesh Sharma Gobardhan Roy (Mine Official)
Ravi Kishan Bhola (Trapped Miner)
Gaurav Prateek Diwakar (Trapped Miner)
Pawan Malhotra T.P. Bindal (Mine Manager)
Dibyendu Bhattacharya D Sen (Safety Officer)
Virendra Saxena Tapan Ghosh (Surveyor)

budget and collection

Mission Raniganj, budgeted at a reported ₹100 crore, opened strong but lacked sustained momentum. Its Indian box office collection crossed ₹32 crore, recovering roughly a third of its cost before tapering off. Though not a runaway hit, it resonated with audiences for its heroic story.


Kumar shines in tense tale of miners' rescue. Thrilling climax saves a plodding first half. Technical jargon weighs heavy, but the human spirit lifts you up. Not groundbreaking, but a worthy tribute to real-life hero

Akshay Kumar captivates as Jaswant Gill, the real-life mining engineer who spearheaded a daring rescue mission in Mission Raniganj. Though the first half meanders at times, bogged down by technical details, the film redeems itself with a gripping climax that captures the desperation and hope of the trapped miners.

Overall rating: 3.5/5 stars


Mission Raniganj (2023) Movie
Mission Raniganj (2023) Movie, Bollywood

Mission Raniganj Trailer


65 miners face their demise trapped in a flooded Raniganj coal mine. Enter Jaswant Singh Gill, a brilliant but humble engineer tasked with their rescue. Against time and tide, Gill and his team employ ingenuity and bravery to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Their success ignites a nation's hope, celebrating a true story of human triumph over

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