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Moster Anime, Elite neurosurgeon's moral crossroads reshape his destiny. Sacrificing career for justice, he faces a haunting past.
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Monster Anime
Monster Anime, Monster Anime hindi subbed

Monster Anime,Monster Anime in hindi subbed

Anime Information:

  • Name : Monster
  • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Suspense
  • Myanimelist : 8/10
  • Overall Rating : 8.88
  • Total Episodes : 74 [ Completed ]
  • Type : Serial
  • Duration : 24 Min Each
  • Language : Hindi Audio and Japanese( Subtitles )
  • Streaming Platforms: Crunchyroll

Monster Anime, Monster Anime In Hindi | Short Summary

Dr. Kenzou Tenma is a highly skilled neurosurgeon who has recently gotten engaged to the daughter of his hospital director. He is on the fast track to success in the hospital hierarchy until a seemingly insignificant event changes his life forever. While preparing for surgery, he receives a call from the hospital director instructing him to switch patients and perform brain surgery on a famous performer. Although his colleagues, fiancée, and the hospital director praise him for his success, a poor immigrant worker dies due to the switch, causing Dr. Tenma to question his conscience. In a similar situation, he chooses to operate on a young boy named Johan Liebert instead of the town's mayor, which leads to severe consequences, including the loss of his social status. However, after the mysterious death of the director and two other doctors, Dr. Tenma's position is reinstated, and he eventually becomes the hospital director. Nine years later, when he saves the life of a criminal, his past catches up with him, and he finds himself face to face with the monster he once operated on. To make amends for the destruction caused by the individual he saved, he embarks on a pursuit for redemption.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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All Episodes Uploaded : Episode 1-30 || Episode 31-74

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