Customizing Your iPhone: How to Change WhatsApp Color

Discover how to change your WhatsApp theme's color on iPhone with our easy guide, including the latest color updates
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Change WhatsApp Color in IOS/Android
How to Change WhatsApp Color in IOS/Android

Customizing Your iPhone: How to Change WhatsApp Color?

How to Change Whatsapp Colour on iPhone:- WhatsApp is bringing new daily updates, which are very beneficial for WhatsApp users because WhatsApp has brought itself to a more advanced level than before. Recently, WhatsApp has updated the colour of its app itself, so this time, the light green colour of WhatsApp is being seen.

Android and iPhone users have seen this update, but in iPhone phones, WhatsApp was earlier in blue colour, and now suddenly it has become green, due to which this dark light colour is stinging the eyes of the people.

In such a situation, if you also want to know about WhatsApp Green Color Change, this post is especially for you, and we will tell you how to change the WhatsApp theme's colour. Therefore, you must stay with us in this post from the beginning till the end so that you can know whether you can change the colour of WhatsApp on your iPhone or not.

How to Change Whatsapp Colour in iPhone?

If you also want to know whether you have the colour update feature in WhatsApp and wish to change your WhatsApp back to blue, then you can go to the Settings of your iPhone and look in Appearance. If you see the colour, it means you have received the update, and you can choose any colour as per your choice; if you do not see any colour or theme, you have yet to receive the update.

Change WhatsApp Color in IOS/Android
How to Change WhatsApp Color in IOS/Android

Why was Meta Updated WhatsApp colour?

WhatsApp keeps bringing updates from time to time for all its users, but this time, it is surprising for Android and iPhone users. Because this time, WhatsApp has not updated any new features but has updated the colour of its app only. In such a situation, the WhatsApp iPhone, which used to be blue earlier, is now green.

Due to this, WhatsApp has now become a competitor of i-Massage, and WhatsApp is creating its own ecosystem so that WhatsApp can maintain its hold in the iPhone industry and also remain completely user-friendly for iPhone users. Due to this, WhatsApp is busy creating themes for iPhones, and people have also seen this update in some rare cases.

Conclusion – How to Change Whatsapp Color in iPhone

We hope that you have received good information about the Whatsapp Green Color Change update for IOS (Apple). If you still have questions, you can ask us in the comments. We will help you answer your questions.

Apple Official Discussion on :

WhatsApp messages appearing green

This is a recent update from WhatsApp, where they've opted to switch the color to green to align with their brand's color scheme. Currently, only a select few iOS users have encountered these changes, but they're expected to become available to all users soon. Know More at Apple Discussion)

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