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Balagam Movie full movie review in 720p, release date and releasing plateforms
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balagam movie Full Review

Balagam Movie full movie review in 720p, release date and releasing plateforms

balagam movie
Balagam movie full review 720p
Balagam Movie IMDB

Exploring the Uncertain Budget of Balagam

There's a bit of a mystery surrounding the budget of the Telugu movie "Balagam". Here's what we know:

  • ₹3 crores: Sources like Wikipedia and Box Office Budget cite this figure, suggesting a production cost of ₹3 crores and ₹2 crores for printing and advertising.
  • ₹10 crores: AWBI and Film Tree Channel estimate a higher budget of ₹10 crores, with ₹8 crores for production and ₹2 crores for marketing.

The discrepancy could be due to differences in accounting for expenses. Regardless of the exact figure, Balagam was made on a relatively modest budget compared to many Telugu productions, making its box office success even more impressive.

Release Dates for Theatres and Streaming

Mark your calendars! Here are the key release dates for Balagam:

  • Theatrical release: March 3rd, 2023 (India)
  • Streaming release: March 24th, 2023 (Amazon Prime Video and Simply South outside India)

Catchy Titles for Your Balagam Movie Review

Need inspiration for your review? Here are some captivating title ideas:

  • Balagam: A Slow Burn Worth Your Hours? A Review
  • Venu Yeldandi's Rural Tapestry: A Review of Balagam
  • Box Office Buzz to Streaming Dreams: Balagam's Journey Unfurled
  • Balagam: Beyond the Death Rituals - A Review that Digs Deep
  • From the Heart of Telangana: A Review of Balagam, Now on OTT

Pick the one that best captures your unique perspective!

where to watch balagam movie

You can watch Balagam Movie in many diffrent languages at these plateforms : Amazon Prime Video, Just Watch

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